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We are a virtual reality company. As team of creative technologists, we deliver the most advanced tools and solutions for different types of business - including your sector. Step into the future of your firm and leave the competition years behind. We create Virtual and Augmented Reality in every technology on all platforms. The future begins today!

augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) gives you the ability to blend the digital world and the real world through your mobile device. The possibilities are endless!Our clients demand the most powerful, professional augmented reality that exists. In addition to our services, UNIAL's full-time research and development team ensures that clients like you are powered by the most cutting-edge solutions available.

The world awaits
your creation

The UNIAL community has extensive experience and knowledge of both 3D software and the rigorous requirements of manufacturing and prototyping. Our designers understand the manufacturing process and are experts in creating 3D models optimized for rapid manufacturing and 3D printing, which make it easier than ever for inventors to transition from design to production. STL files can then be generated that you can take right to a 3D printer.